Tenant Eviction Notices


A tenant eviction notice is meant to informing tenants that a legal eviction process is about to begin if the landlord complaints or grievances cannot be resolved. It is presented as a legal document means giving tenants a written notice made in proper format and specified way to vacate the property. It makes sure that process goes smoothly hence both landlords and tenants can move on. They can establish a record of evictions in situation they need to practice further legal actions.

Each Indian state has its own procedures regarding how to write and deliver a termination notice and eviction papers. Landlords have to follow the same state rules and procedure appropriately.

Notice of termination without cause

If the tenant have not been late paying rent, not violated the rental agreement and not done anything wrong, a landlord can ask tenant move out at any time as long as the landlord gives them a longer notice period generally ranges from 30 day or 60 day to vacate.

30-day notice to vacate or 60-Day Notice to vacate: – This notice of termination can be used when landlord does not have any specific reason to end the tenancy.

Rent control exceptions: – These are the laws known as “just cause eviction protection” that require a landlord to give a legally recognized reason for eviction or termination.

Notice of termination with cause

There are generally three types of termination notices that landlords terminate if tenant have violated the rental agreement, do any misbehavior or lease in some way:

• Pay Rent or Quit Notices: – These are given to tenants when they have not paid the rent. It gives tenant few days to pay the rent otherwise move out.

• Unconditional Quit Notices: – If the tenant has been late with the rent for more than one times, engaged in serious illegal activity, cause a serious damage to premises or repeatedly violated a rental agreement then landlord can give this notice. It orders the tenant to leave the place with no chance to pay the rent or correct a rental agreement clause.

• Cure or Quit Notices: – It is given when a tenant breaks a term or condition of the lease or rental agreement. It gives some fixed amount of time to tenant to correct or cure the violation.

Preparation of Tenant Eviction Notice

Tenant eviction notice must provide all the needed information to make the tenant understand the landlord’s reason for termination or eviction. If notice information is invalid or method of delivery is defective in any way, the notice must be filed again by the landlord. The landlord’s grievance must be stated on the notice along with instructions showing how to resolve the problem within certain time limit.

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