Shops Establishment Registration


Shop refers to any premises where services are delivered to customers and goods are sold either by retail or wholesale. Establishment includes a commercial establishment, eating house, theater, residential hotel or other public place of entertainment or fun.

While planning to make presence into the business world, a person need to prepare not only product or service model, business plan and financing options but a complete list of all the obligatory regulations that business entity will have to fulfill such as licensing requirements, taxation legislations, etc.

Shops & Establishments Act is one of the most important regulations to which most of the businesses in India are subjected. The act is regulated by the Department of Labor and passed by every state to regulate payment of wages, conditions of work, employment in shops and commercial establishments, lists rights of employees in an unorganized sector, terms of service, holidays and provide a list of statutory obligations for every employer.

This act is designed to regulate every premise wherein business, profession or trade is carried out. It not only regulates the working of shops and commercial establishments, but also applied to charitable trusts, educational institutions run for profit, societies, printing establishments and all premises where insurance, stock or share brokerage and banking is carried on.

Areas regulated by Shop & Establishment Act in India

Some of the main aspects regulated by Shops & Establishments Act relating to working of shop and commercial establishment include:

  • Working hours
  • Interval for meals and rest
  • Opening and closing hours, national and religious holidays, weekly holidays, closed days, overtime work and wages for holidays
  • Dismissal
  • Record keeping
  • Lightening and ventilation
  • Accidents
  • Cleanliness
  • Precautions against fire
  • Leave policy- maternity leave, casual leave, annual leave, sickness leave, etc
  • Time and conditions of payment of wages
  • Employment of children, young person or women
  • Obligations of both employer and employees

Specific rules for Shops and Establishment Registration:

Business owner of a shop or establishment is compulsorily required to get the registered itself under the Shops and Establishment Act. Given below are the specific rules that business owner must follow:

• Send an application in the prescribed form duly completed with supporting documents to the local Labor Inspector with prescribed fees. The application to be submitted should contain the following details:-
-Name of the employer, establishment and manager
-Postal address of establishment
-Other particulars as may be approved 

• Inspector, on verifying the accuracy of statement and correctness of the application shall enter the establishment in the register of establishments and issue a registration certificate. The certificate will be applicable for 5 years and has to be renewed before it expires. Remember, it has to be significantly displayed at the establishment.

• In case of any change in the initial statement, the same has to be informed to the Inspector’s office within 15 days from the closing of the establishment.

These rules under the Shops & Establishments Act vary as per the states. Following all the rules while working on the business idea seem tiresome and challenging too. We, at LexOracle will handle the entire registration process and get smooth running of your business.


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How it is done?

Documents to be provided:-

  • Address Proof
  • Company PAN card copy
  • Cancelled Cheques
  • 4 Photographs
  • Last 3 months bank statement
  • Objective/Purpose of business

Steps you need to follow:-

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