Sale Deed


Every person dreams to own a property. A sale deed is a valuable legal documents executed by seller/ vendor and purchaser/vendee which evidence the purchase, sale or transfer of ownership of an immovable property.

Governed by the Registration Act, Sale deed gives legal protection to ownership of immovable property. It is an important document for both seller or transferor and buyer or transferee that makes purchasing or sale of property legally complete. Generally the Sale Deed is signed only when both parties are satisfied and agreed with the terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement.

Sale Deed Includes:

A sale deed contains all the significant details needed for the purchase or sale of a property. The basic details include the full names of the buyer and the seller, and their addresses. The other information in the draft of sale deed would include details of the property under sale such as its exact location, identification number, address, detail of the construction if it is a house and total area of the property.

Most importantly a sale deed would require information about for what purpose does seller is selling the property and also assures purchaser that the property under sale is free from any encumbrance, liabilities and without any lien.

Also a sale deed acts as an essential document for the further sale of the property by the purchaser as it establishes the proof of ownership of property.

Besides these the draft sale deed would also include the total amount to be paid for the purchase/sale of the property, advance amount paid if any, the dates on which the payment are made, how it is paid, the time given for the payments, the details of the bank transactions of the payments, etc.

The sale deed would also mention about the receipt issued by the seller to the buyer for the money received towards the sale transaction.

It would also clearly mention the exact date on which the seller would hand over to the buyer the original property related documents and the date of subsequent possession of the property under sale.

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Q) How is it prepared?

Q) Any care a buyer should take?

Q) How does it work?

How it is done?


Step1:- Receive expert counseling on Property Laws and Sale Deeds by our Expert Property Lawyer


Step2:- Provide basic input regarding sale transactions, consideration (Payment), previous Title documents and allied information


Step3:- Make Payment


Step4:- Receive the Draft (If it’s not up-to your liking? Make another one which better suits your needs. We give you 3 free re-iterations)


Step5:- Get the final sale deed registered

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