Rent Agreement


Rental contracts are basically of two types in India:-

1) Lease agreements- These are generally of a minimum of 12 months and covered by rent control laws. They have set rents that are determined by the local state government.

2) Lease and license agreement- These agreements are of 11 months and does not covered under rent control laws. Most of the landlords prefer this 11-month rental contract because it gives more rights to them.

Local State Government determines the Lease Agreements covered by rent control laws. Prices are generally determined by the cost of building construction and market price of the land etc. This is the reason that an old property is much cheaper than a new property. If a property is under rent control laws its rent increases at a lesser rate than those who do not come under its ambit.

For this reason, most landlords prefer the lease and license agreements. They only guarantee tenants to live in the rental place for 11 months. It is eligible for periodical renewal. These 11 months contracts are not under rent control law and provide more rights to the landlords. Our legal team at LexOracle is experts in rental contracts and will provide you satisfaction-guaranteed Rent Agreement.


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How it is done?

Below given is a procedure that helps you to get the appropriate and thorough Rent Agreement:-

Step1:- Receive an expert counseling on Freelancing Agreement from our Startup Lawyer


Step2:- Provide basic inputs about the Property and the terms of Rent decided between Tenant and Landlords


Step3:- Make Payment


Step4:- Receive the Draft (If it’s not up-to your liking? Make another one which better suits your needs)


Step5:- Get it done on stamp paper (Optional, as per your wish)

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LexOracle lawyers and legal team are the helping hands that make your rent agreement documented and draft in an appropriate way within reasonable time.Our all-inclusive and tailor made packages start from JUST INR 1,499. Receive your first draft within 48* Hours. If you think that it is not as per your liking and need some amendment, we make you a new amended one absolutely free, LexOracle offers 3 re-iterations without any cost. Even though not necessary, you can get it done on a stamp paper or notarized.

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