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Thinking of starting a business alone? Confused weather you can do it or not? The answer is bigger yes! And the answer is OPC (One Person Company). To help you make the decision of forming OPC more confident, let’s understand in details what OPC is:

OPC was introduced as a strong expansion over the sole-proprietorship. OPC stands for One Person Company and as the name suggests, it offers total control over the organization by limiting his/her liabilities for involvements to the particular business. One Person Company Registration is a legal process and at Lex Oracle, we offer the best services. If you are running an OPC, then you will be the only shareholder and director as well.

The new concept of OPC is introduced by The Companies Act, 2013 (No.18 of 2013).As per section 2(62) of the companies act OPC means a company that has only one person as its member.It is a new type of business entity that enables single entrepreneur to run a corporate entity with limited liability protection. Hybrid of Sole-Proprietor and Company form of business, OPC supports entrepreneurs who on their own are ableto start a business enterprise by enabling them to make a single person economic entity.

OPC has been given with relaxed/concessional requirements under the Companies Act. OPC have a minimum of One Director and maximum number of 15 directors.Only an Indian citizen and resident in India (a person living in India for a duration of more than 182 days during instantaneouslyforegoing one calendar year) shall be eligible to incorporate OPC.

With our one person company registration India services, you can add following benefits: Uninterrupted existence: An OPC is an incorporated entity. Hence, it will have the elements of continuous succession and it will make it easier for the entrepreneurs to increase the resources for business. We offer easy one man business registration process.

Borrowing capacity: An organization enjoys much better perks when borrowing the funds in the right way. When it comes to financial institutions helps and banking funds, they also prefer to render bigger monetary assistance to an organization rather than proprietary and partnership firms.

Owning property: An organization being a juristic individual, can obtain, enjoy and alienate land in its personal name. There will no shareholder to claim upon. It is one of the biggest advantages of opc registration. If you willing to avail the advantages of one man business, connect with the experts at Lex Oracle. Call Now!

Steps involved in One Person Company Registration

Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN) as well as a Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)for the proposed directors.


Thereafter we’ll applyfor the suitable name of the company


Further we’ll get the consent of the nominee in the prescribed forms


Afterward we shall file the consent along with the final incorporation forms with the Memorandum, Articles and other required documents


Finally we shall receive the final incorporation certificate from the registrar of companies (ROC). Now you can commence business under the name.


Benefits of Incorporating One Person Company Registration

  • Better opportunity for borrowing of funds
  • Separate legal entity
  • Owning property
  • Easier transferability
  • Tax savings
  • Limited liability
  • Free compliances
  • Legal corporate status
  • Perpetual existence

When you are a one-man-army it gets really tough at times to keep a tab on all the things at a given time. We at LexOracle look forward to help you out when it comes to the registration of your company if you are its sole owner. We make sure that you don’t need to worry unnecessarily about the complications of your business setup and ensure that you invest your time in making it a success. You either can give us a call on our contact number +91-9650607954 or can reach us via your mails. Our 24X7 support will ensure that you are attended.



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How it is done?


Documents to be provided to incorporate a One Person Company:-

  • Copy Proof of Identity & Address e.g.Adhaar Card, Driving License
  • Copy PAN Card (Do not have PAN card?, don’t worry, we will apply for that as well, we got you covered)
  • 6 Passport size photographs

The complete process of taking One Person Company Registration services is primarily divided into 4 steps:


Step1:- Receive free expert counseling on OPC Registration


Step2:- Pay 50% of the payment


Step3:- Submit the required documents self attested. Application process will start within 24 hours.


Step4:- Pay rest of the 50% payment at the time of execution &final submission of documents

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Register a One Person Company with DIN, DSC, company name approval, consent of nominee, all requisite documents and final incorporation certificate just within 23* days. LexOracle provides an affordable and all-inclusive OPC registration package starting from JUST INR 11,499/-

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