Dispute Resolution – Litigation And Arbitration

Dispute Resolution – Litigation And Arbitration

Dispute resolution, through any fora, is pivotal to any of our Client’s needs and occupies top priority of their legal concern. Resolution of dispute either through contemporary routes such as Hon’ble Courts or through alternate routes such as Arbitration / Conciliation is central pivot of LexOracle.

LexOracle has a strong Commercial Litigation Team with knowledge base in all forms of dispute resolution which works toward making the process hassle free for the clients and ensures that disputes are resolved efficiently, resoundingly and cost effectively. The Team advises across a diverse range of industries engaged in manufacturing activities, information technology, intellectual property, workplace relations, retail and trade, property and construction activity, telecom, energy, print media, hospitality, natural resources, financial services, insurance, health, entertainment and Anti-Trust / Competition Law.

Drawing on past successful cases, the firm is well equipped to handle litigations of complex nature in the country.

Arbitration, as an alternative mode of dispute resolution, is fast picking pace and has expanded over the last several years to become an important step in the dispute resolution process. LexOracle has a significant experience in both international and domestic arbitrations and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as conciliation and mediation. Our Law Firm provides service in enforcing and challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards, drafting arbitration agreements and clauses, representing clients for arbitration petitions before various High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

LexOracle provides assistance to our clients and has successfully defended them against false allegations of unfair consumer trade practices including misleading and false advertisements before various consumer forums, state commissions and national commission. Furthermore, LexOracle has broad experience in efficiently and effectively handling real estate issues and disputes before different forums including RERA. LexOracle handles easement and covenant disputes, service charge disputes, and boundary disputes.

We assist our clients in drafting, vetting and interpretation of lease deed, leave and license agreement, sale deed, builder buyer agreement, power of attorney, covenant enforcement, tenant renewals, rent agreements, notices and other legal documents.