Employment Law Services

Employment Law Services


Human Resource is central to any organization for effective utilization of their resource. It would be apt to categorize it as most important resource of any organization, especially service industry. Any industry is as good as their Human Resources, therefore, organizations pay strict attention to laws governing Human Resource i.e. Employment Laws.

Employment laws refers to a bunch of social pieces of legislations which govern employee-employer relations. The most important amongst the Employment laws are Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946, Factories Act, 1948, Indian Contract Act, 1872, various state enactment for Shops and Establishments Act etc. The Indian Parliament has enacted the Code of Wages Act, 2019, however, it is yet to be notified and enforced.

LexOracle boasts of legal industries’ finest employment lawyers which guides and resolves your legal needs concerning employment. It is imperative for our clients to devote specific attention to their employment activities, contracts, and conditions to ensure compliance with the Employment law from the inception of employee-employer relationship. To ensure the same, we offer:

  • Defending / Prosecuting any labour disputes before the Hon’ble Labour Commissioner, Hon’ble Industrial Tribunal, Hon’ble Labour Courts; and any appeal from these labour disputes,
  • Drafting of employment contracts and ensuring their compliance with labour laws,
  • Counselling on managing the employee-employer relationship,
  • Counselling on implementation of any detrimental measures of reduction of salaries, retrenchment, lay-off etc.,
  • Counselling on introduction and management of effective ‘Termination’ regimen of the organization for termination of the employees for punitive purposes,
  • Risk management and human resource assessment for any diversification or expansion.

Payroll costs occupies one of the most significant part of the expenditures for any organisation. It is important that any organisation ensures that during tumultuous times and to ensure sustainable growth, the legal aspects of its employment concerns are in check and resolved. We at LexOracle, through its employment and compliances team, ensure that our clients’ legal requirements vis-à-vis employment laws are complete to facilitate its growth and manage its payroll costs.