Criminal Dispute

Criminal Dispute

Under the Indian legal system the criminal liability for an act or omission arises out of a statute proscribing an act or omission. A breach of the statutorily proscribed act or the prescribed duty by a person is to be visited with punishment as sanctioned by the law. Thus, the criminal law connotes only the quality of such acts or omissions as are prohibited under the appropriate penal provisions by the authority of the state.

The general law of crimes is contained in the statute law, viz., The Indian Penal Code, 1860 as amended from time to time. Various other statutes enacted by the Union and the state legislatures also make an act or omission punishable under the law which may be general, special or local in nature. The general law on substantive crimes is contained in the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The Indian Penal Code is the basic governing statute for determining the criminal liability for offences stated in it, and also for declaring exceptions to the questions of criminal liability for the offences covered under the special or local laws

The special law is applicable to the particular subject while the local law makes the law applicable to a particular part of India. Any wrongful act which is thus prohibited under the general, special or local law and visited with punishment is deemed an “offence” even though a civil liability may also arise out of the wrongful conduct

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