Consumer Grievance Notice


The Consumer Protection act gives consumer a right to take their complaint to the consumer court against a vendor. If customer is unsatisfied with the services or product or there is any kind of deficiency, they are entitled to file complaint. But before they file any case, as per the law, they are required to send a notice to vendor or other party providing services or product and ask him to correct the insufficiency within a limited period of time.

Consumer Grievance Notice is mandatory and it is required to maintain proof of sending the notice such as courier delivery receipt or etc. The notice can be sent through register post acknowledgement, courier or fax. The sender must seek the same copy of notice and all other significant correspondence.

What does Consumer Grievance Notice Include:

  • Write name and complete address of the company, dealer, vendor, trader or etc.
  • Mention the subject or matter in relation to
  • Salutation
  • Give details of purchased product or service such as cash memo number and date
  • Mention the warranty or guarantee time period and other related information promised to you at the time of service or purchasing
  • Give details of the defects or deficiency in purchased product or service
  • List down the problems you are suffering due to product deficiency
  • Mention all the efforts you made to tell about the grievance in the past to which the party has not given any response.
  • Give a certain limit time at least of 15 days or 30 days to resolve the grievances by asking for replacement of the product along with suitable compensation, refund of full amount with suitable interest, otherwise you will file a consumer complaint with the Consumer Forum as you have the right under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986.
  • Inform the party that consumer complaint will be at their own cost and expenses, and you will receive remuneration for the mental distress caused due to damage or deficiency in product or services.
  • Give your name, signature, and address

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